People, Religion and Superstitions

Superstitions play a major role in our society. Even though, our religion doesn’t support superstitious beliefs, yet we still carry these beliefs from our forefathers. As the time progresses and society is more technologically advanced, the bulwarks of superstitions are somewhat shaken, but, at times, if any of superstition comes true, then our beliefs grow stronger.

Superstitions play a major role in our society

Some of these superstitions are: crossing of black cat brings bad luck, crow cawing a sign of guests, drinking milk after fish results in pigmentation of the skin, glass breakage, a bird poop on head, itching of right palm brings money, upside shoes result in bad luck, applying perfumes at noon can attract jinn, someone is missing you if you sneeze, opening and closing scissors may bring domestic problems and many more.

Which one you feel is still prevailing in our society?

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2 thoughts on “People, Religion and Superstitions”

  1. Hmmm..
    I still remember that itching of right palm was considered as sign of money and that one, black cat, is still considered as a sign of bad luck.
    Oh, poor cat, she is unaware of all that…

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