We are surrounded by energies or you can say aura.

In this Holy month of Ramadan, recite Quran, offer prayers and nawafils, seek His repentance, and be grateful to Allah for the countless things you have. It would help lower the stress level and make you closer to your Creator. The calmness and serenity at Fajr would give you spiritual stimulus and inject positive energy for the whole day.

We can increase energy flows at our homes. It can be accentuated by shuffling items in the room and redecorating tiny corners. Tie your curtains or roll up the blinds to let the light in. Open windows to let the breeze surrounds you. Adding greens can purify the air in your living space. Lighten up your home interiors and create a peaceful aura around you. 

When we travel, we tend to be mesmerized by the aura of that place. It gives your brain a rush of hormones and our elevated mood helps us to absorb the surrounding energy. It makes you happier and more productive.

However, when you make frequent trips to the market, you may get stressed out due to the energies emitted by the influx of shoppers there.

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