The prevailing lull…

The prevailing lull ( quieting of human life and decrease in noise pollution) makes me hear the birds trilling more strongly.

A week ago, I noticed a pair of red-vented bubul making a nest on the araucaria plant. I don’t know whether that was the same couple that built nest last year. ( I could not take their photo, they were sitting atop the plant)

But this time, I saw quite a few number of red-vented bulbul. Other day, I heard another twitter, a different one, a high pitched sound. I peeked outside the window. A tiny bird which I haven’t seen before was sitting on the twig of lemon plant.
These beautiful sounds, once obscured, are more audible now. May be, they too are happy to find clean and fresh air.

Alas, these effects are just temporary. Once life goes back to normal, there warbles will no more be there.

We need our routine back, life must go on. But can we do something to hear those melodious songs in the future. Maybe, we can plant more trees to contribute a little part in this regard.

What do you think?

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