A promise in quarantine

“Hello! Can we arrange nikkah in quarantine?”

She gave out a yell, and indeed, what else could she do?

She was immersed in visualizing her wedding plans. Mehndi themes, larki walay, larka walay, DJ, dance practices almost a month before the wedding, and so on.

The virus just put everything on hold. Just stay safe, stay at home, and incumbent government is hammering a message, “Don’t fear Corona. Fight it.” Virus, emergency, lock-down, no weddings in banquet halls, social distancing. Everything postponed.

Groom’s parents insisted on homely function to be attended by only family. The bride was in no mood of compromise. Her wedding shoots, styling, designer dress. No spectators! Not possible! Ah! She stomped her feet, thrashed the door and thumped on the lavender green sofa. Sobbing, sniffling, and snorting.

A faint knock on the door made her turn. “Are you okay, sweetie?” She looked in her father’s eyes, took a sigh and buried her face in her hands. He embraced her. A solace in that warmth. “Everything happens for a reason, sweetheart. Allah knows what he wants from you.”

She nodded in acquiescence, and went outside the room. She knew what she was supposed to do. A promise to be made in quarantine!

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