A shout out to my friends

What a beautiful time it was? When friendship was pure and free from malice. When we had more carefree whims, brimming with energy and, above all, our naïve efforts to explore the world.

I still cherish those bygone days, even a miniscule moment spent with my friends. How we sat in the cafeteria and gobbled down naan samosa with mint chutney. Those chilly winters when we warmed ourselves with soup. Brownie and spaghetti from the mobile canteen. We sat under the gnarled and twisted branches of that old tree and relish chips and slice which you brought from home. Concerts, college functions, galas, sports and color weeks.

It seems as if the meaning of friendship has somewhat changed over the years. A veil of materialism and pomposity.

But real true friends are still there, may be waiting for our call, even a text message to respond. We, at times, indulge ourselves in false notions about them. We have to let go of our preconceptions. Before deserting your friends, just open your heart and reconcile your differences for mutual benefit. Because the real beauty of universe lies in accepting our differences. 

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