A diary of a frontliner

When I took oath on that day, it never occurred to me that, one day, I would be so close to death. An ominous feeling. Why do I say ominous? My existence, my being. I graduated and entered in this realm of humane services as an enthusiastic and committed doc. I didn’t realize the havoc wrought by Covid-19, until I experienced on a daily basis.

When I was young, I heard and read about Spanish Flu of 1918, infecting a third of world’s population. The Black Death annihilated almost half of the population of Europe during 14th century. I took it just a relic of history.

I did not realize its severity until I watched my father shifted to ventilator in ICU. It’s not an ordinary virus. But a virus which holds you in its clutches, asphyxiates you until you could breathe no more.

Now, I’m standing by my father’s bed, my eyes just synchronized with his breath and that wizard invention. Just praying for his recuperation. One cannot feel the pain and realize its intensity until you see with your eyes and feel in your heart.

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