A Moment of Contemplation

At home, just the walls and me. I feign patience and try to recollect myself. I sit in quiescence and look outside. On the window-ledge, a squirrel clad in scarlet hat and blue shoes nibbles a nut and directs toward me.

 “You human, a terrified creature. Look around yourself, how vulnerable you are in this crisis. You choose to live like an immortal. Rakish style. A braggadocio. Don’t you aware of your sojourn at this island?”

I laugh at myself and my very existence. This spell of solitude makes me understand the cause of my life in this ephemeral world.  A moment of contemplation.

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1 thought on “A Moment of Contemplation”

  1. What a beautiful write up, with a satirical touch. Wonderful monologue of a squirrel with the so called might and destructive humans, belittling humans about stark reality that they are faced with..👏👏👏👏

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