A break from the humdrum of life

The brain is the basis of creativity. If you get lost in the mundanity of life then you’ll lose your inner spark. You need to take a little break from the humdrum of life.

Whatever you want to do, set aside a deliberate time to give vent to your thoughts, popping up in your mind. At times, we all get stuck in a quagmire of despondency, whether it be familial issues, professional diatribe, finding a suitable job or so on. Just a little distraction from the normal routine will lower the stress level.

A positive approach toward life engenders positive thoughts and ideas. Covid-19 has affected us all. Even visiting a friend or a short trip (with SOPs) would elevate our moods. Watching lectures of relevant field or documentaries would arouse our senses. Try a new cuisine or cook something different for your loved ones. Regular exercise releases hormones and boost our moods. Try to think out of box and do something out of your comfort zone. Same patterns in life deteriorate the mental health.

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1 thought on “A break from the humdrum of life”

  1. Every negative thought is a down payment on your failure.
    Every positive thought is an investment on your future.

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