Let you be driven by your dreams

As bark of life sails on the wavering waves, one needs to be steadfast and persevering to reap the fruits in the years to come.

My parents, my guiding light, an ocean of blessings. Whenever, I was in jeopardy, they’re there standing by my side. My school, my college and my university. They guided me in every aspect of life. My courage, my stamina and my conviction. My conviction to achieve what I wanted. Smooth sailing would have never made me learn the bitter realities of life.

 I’ve been back-stabbed in my career. Those who seemed to be friends were foes. Backbiting and gibberish talks. I’ve seen real faces of my confidantes. Though, I feigned my smile and curbed my pain. I stumbled a lot, but, every time, I rose again and moved forward.

Now, I’m married and have got a lot of responsibilities on my shoulder. I’ve to maintain a balance between my professional and personal life. My husband stands by my side. He has made me strong and made me believe in myself. Whenever, I’m stuck in a quagmire of despondency; his words echoes in my mind, “Spread your wings to fly high and dwell in the realm of enormous possibilities.”

I’m ready to be driven by my dreams.

I dedicate my post to all females.

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