A Doctor Bahu



A Doctor Bahu!

Who is she? Is she some alien who invades your house? Or is she some desperado waiting to get married?

In our society whenever a search for ‘BAHU’ is initiated, it mostly starts with a target of doctor bahu in mind because it is seen as a sign of prestige and self-importance. 

Once this mission is accomplished, the rest is history. Many factors contribute to this decision, such as management of household chores, working environment, lack of cooperation from in-laws and husband. However, we cannot negate other possibility when girls themselves willingly left their career, sometimes due to family responsibilities after marriage or they simply do not want to pursue that career. So after strenuous medical studies, they simply say good bye to the oath they took on that day a special day of their lives.

A doctor bahu

We cannot blame a single party in this matter. So dear mothers, next time when you’re on a bride hunt, and if your first priority is Doctor Bahu, just sit back and ask yourself whether you’re ready to contribute your part or just sit on the sofa and await your bahu to come back from the hospital and serves you well.

On a lighter note, you can fulfill your desire to have someone who follows your commands. However, this is only possible if she is quite contented to stay at home.

Let us be the helpers, listeners, or supporters and not the mudslingers, backbiters, or troublemakers.

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