Progress is life

Life seems like a chess where you’ve to be cautious about your antagonist’s maneuver. You watch your opponent’s move and play strategically.

life seems like a chess where you play strategically

You’ve to make a move, a cautious one, whether you’ll gain or lose. It’s not always about winning but you’ve to play your part and so is life. At times, you’ve to let go of your preconceptions, inner fears and doubts. You have to take a step, be it a small or a big one.  The next move opens up a new avenue for the future. Inertia is death. Stagnation is death. The moment you stop, death awaits you. Stagnancy makes you dull, boring and may lead toward pessimistic approach in life. Keep moving, keep taking incremental steps because there is life in movement and you deserve it.

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