The Gauzy Membrane (Qitmeer)

After breaking fast with date, we often toss its pit in a plate and then finally it makes its way in a bin. We never even notice the gauzy membrane (Qitmeer) covering a date’s pit. Yesterday, while eating date, I peeled off its thin film and placed it in the center of my palm. I just felt a surge of humility in front of Him.

I’ve heard about this delicate film before so I referred to Quran to grasp its complete meaning. “And those who invoke or call upon instead of Him, own not even a Qitmeer.” (35:13)

This ayah basically indicates that false gods don’t possess, anything in the heaven or earth, not even anything equivalent to this qitmeer.

The gauzy membrane of date pit

When we are submerged in the humdrum of life, we never bother to think about the brevity of our lives in this universe. I marvel at the grandeur of Almighty. His intricate details. His creations. How insignificant their (other than Allah) existence is, they don’t even own a transparent membrane covering the date pit. Even the mightiest must succumb to Him.

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