Health Hacks amid Lock-down

It’s hard to be productive when there is a global pandemic, but for optimal health it is important to remain physically active. 

COVID has changed the world we used to live in. Activities, which we used to take for granted, are luxuries to be desired. Going to gym, Yoga classes, walk in a park and other simplistic routines now sound like tales from a distant land. Among many other productive and stress combating routines, COVID has specifically impacted areas of life concerning dietary patterns, psychological health & physical activities.

In this article, we would specifically talk about some of the health trends during lock-down period, and recommend diet patterns to be followed:

Quarantine seems to have some positive impact as well for foodies

Whether for better or worse, quarantine seems to have some positive impact as well for foodies with an appetite for Junk/outside food. While it’s not unhealthy to succumb to cravings once in a while, yet making it a habit does has some very serious consequences.

Balanced diet

Healthy diet includes an appropriate mix of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, however during lock-down period we need to pay particular attention to dietary components which stimulate serotonin production. Serotonin, being one of the “happiness hormones”, helps to regulate mood, social behavior and sleep. 

Serotonin rich diet includes eggs, pineapple, salmon, cheese, nuts and seeds.

It’s also very important to consider diet, which boost immunity i.e Citrus fruits, garlic, ginger, broccoli & spinach. 

Glass of water

Proper hydration is very important because it boosts up the metabolism. Water itself, does not contain any nutrients, but it helps in absorption of important vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Water plays an important role to manage anxiety and stress.

Proper physical activity is also a must.

Lockdown will be over soon, however it depends on you whether you waste your time ot utilize it for a better version of yourself.

Stay at home, Stay safe

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2 thoughts on “Health Hacks amid Lock-down”

  1. Good information
    We should definitely go for healthy diet. It’s beneficial to take warm water in the present scenario.
    We can work out at home too. Twister and half an hour walk would do a lot of good.

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