A privilege of being close to nature

When you take a walk on the crisp leaves, yellow, brown and orange, you try to listen to that crunchy sound under your feet. Amid the trilling of various birds, you pause for a moment and take a look at the behemoth tree nesting those chirpy friends. The fat bushy grey squirrels running around with nuts and at times hang upside down on the bird feeder to fill their bellies.

And how can you forget your garden fellow, a brown bunny, who hurriedly hide under the shed even if you walk with soft steps on the grass. With the passage of time you try feeding him carrots and now he has become your carrot buddy. You also eat carrot but quite at a distance. You want to make him more comfortable in your presence but you know it takes time to befriend a wild bunny.

Take a walk on the crisp leaves, yellow, brown and green, and try to listen to that crispy voice under your feet.

take a walk on the crisp leaves

Once you see a black cat, who previously never pays a visit to the back yard. But she comes twice to meet you, may be to say hello. You meow at her, she pauses for a moment, looks back twice and then disappears behind the wooden logs. You wait for her quite often but she never visits again. An alone long-necked bird flying overhead calling the rest of his flock. The chill in the air, you resting on the red garden swing, coffee waiting for you in the mug covered with the pictures of cats’ faces on the square table flanked by garden sofa, distant buzz of vehicles and sound of low flying plane due to the proximity of airport.

The colors of nature

You remember that just a month ago your backyard was full of colors.

Vegetables peeking out from under the leaves and branches laden with green chilies, jalapeno and capsicum make you hungry and happy at the same time. White eggplant and red okra you see for the first time. You just marvel at the color the nature has endowed them. The unduly large purple eggplant makes a way into your belly. Capsicum in pasta, green chilies in eggs and curries. Cherry tomatoes and chili peppers exhilarate you. Watermelon laying on the kitchen counter and you look at the stem that is cut off from the vine, and think how it’s similar to the umbilical cord through which nourishment passes to the fetus. Tears well in your eyes and you amaze at the greatness of that Almighty.

You ponder, reflect, ruminate and then pay gratitude to Allah for giving you a chance to listen to the nature, which otherwise is ignored or not at the disposal of others. So whenever you get disheartened and feel depressed, just pause for a moment, look around and appreciate the limitless blessings around you.

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