Let’s welcome 2021 with a joyous heart

As the minute hand moves toward the twelve, we all gather together and wait patiently for a few more seconds and when the minute hand reaches the twelve, we all utter shrieks of merriment because we’ve just entered a new year. 

Every year, we make new year’s resolutions, and some of us reflecting on what has gone wrong the last year would be somewhat put on the right track. But this year was altogether a difficult one, an amalgam of sorrows and a few laughs. This year has been disastrous for those who have experienced the trauma of Covid-19. Most of the weddings were postponed to a later date but few scaled back their functions or prefer arranging it at home. The businesses were seriously affected and the daily wage earners had to bear the brunt of the ongoing crisis. But the bottom line is that if you’re alive today, you can do anything.

Covid-19 is still there and it will be around for some time yet. So, we have to get accustom to the prevailing circumstances. We should meet, arrange gatherings but with complete safety measures, like wearing masks and maintain social distancing, and especially take care of our elderly population, our parents who are more vulnerable to this virus.

We all had our moments of laughter and joy despite being somewhat depressed by the gloomy year. So, what to do in the upcoming year and which aspirations to follow when almost everything has come to a halt. The answer lies within ourselves, we have to look within ourselves, and we have to seek guidance within ourselves. We must remember that this life is a precious gift, and it’s up to us how we want to spend it, because it seems to pass by like a gust of wind. Spend it in fulfilling your dreams and goals but you need to prioritize them. Remember, you’re lucky to survive the last year and would be fortunate if you materialize a certain percentage of your aspirations.

I express my hearty wishes to you for a joyous year ahead.

May this New Year brings happiness, peace and prosperity to all of us.

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