Personal matters and social media

Before the explosion of social media, people would share their feelings by talking to their dear ones on landline phones or if we go back a little earlier, they would often write a letter to share their emotions. With the advancement of technology, text messages replace letters and greeting cards; and social media become a platform for sharing views and celebrating moments of happiness, and even a hub for ranting on issues at hand.

explosion of social media,personal matters

A lot of private groups have popped up on Facebook and provide ample opportunities to the people to release their pent up emotions, and air their anguish. Like-minded people often share their personal experiences and make others feel that they are not alone in their sufferings. But, at times, too much sharing can have unpleasant repercussions. Certain personal matters are so delicate that they spread like wildfire.  In this case, anonymity is considered a best option.

However, social media is indeed a revolutionary platform for people around the world. A lot of people have found their old friends online.  People share their personal woes and bliss on social platform and it’s often discussed whether sharing helps or makes the situation worse. Well, we can say it all depends on what and how much you are posting on social platform.

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1 thought on “Personal matters and social media”

  1. A wonderful platform for sharing information around the world but we need to be cautious about what we are sharing online.

    I’ve also found my old friends on Facebook.

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