Procrastinating or ignoring the text message?

Plethora of messages to be replied back, balancing professional and personal life, kids and their scholastic activities, and so on. I’m so much exhausted by all these obligations. What should I do?

A question being faced by nearly everyone who is acclimated to the digital world.

How long do we wait to respond to a text message?

Sometimes, messages remain unanswered for hours or days, or never replied to at all. People prefer to respond whenever they feel like it, maybe they wait for the perfect thing to say.

Read receipts in WhatsApp and messenger have made us more impatient and, most of the times, we want an instant reply from our friends, acquaintances and loved ones. However, being caught up in busy routines, we may ignore or forget to respond.

At times, text messages do not carry the exact meaning of what you want to say and other might get offended by it. However, you can read different shades of expression across the face of another person when someone is in front of you.

We all are entangled in a web of technology. We cannot always respond immediately due to the influx of messages from varied groups (WhatsApp and Facebook groups, messenger and other platforms), but what we can do is to sort out those which need immediate response and get around to others later on. At times, just one thumbs up can do the trick and make other feel that we care, we do care.

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