Feigned harassment

Today, I examine the other side of the coin- what happens when domestic servants outdo morality and indulge in sensual pleasures.

Besides torture and inhumane treatment with servants at home, another serious issue that might be once given serious thought by other citizens needs consideration. Female servants, apart from being sexually abused feign that harassment and most of the times the ulterior motive is monetary claims from owners. Part of this owes to influx of local and cross border dramas depicting an imaginary world of promises and flowery dreams, glamorous portrayal of servant affairs and even betrothal to their rich landlords. Materialism and incessant consumerism have made that deprived class more pig-headed, insolent and to-be-thieves. Most people want to climb the ladder of social strata due to the burgeoning aspiration to improve their living standards. But, alas, sometimes it comes at the cost of moral degradation.

One significant factor is that this deprived segment of society lives in shacks and overcrowded homes. Many of them live in one room with large extended families. They often don’t follow morality and want sensual gratification.  Profusion of erotic plays prompt their desires. When they’re hired as servants at home, they aspire to be a part of those families, imitate their living style and sometimes feign harassment. Abject living standards, with little or no access to worldly comforts instigate them to take the most depraved course of action.

Electronic media has highlighted lots of thought provoking issues and deserves laudable appreciation but moral values should be inculcated through plays to contain deterioration. Lot of other evils are also interlinked with this issue as a certain percentage of that class is always willing to surpass all bounds of morality to become overnight rich.  Gradual inculcation through media is not an urgent solution but definitely paves the way in the coming years due to the access of media at their doorsteps.

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