You find it difficult to make judgments about people around you. They are either of your own age or children. But, whatever you do, you do it for yourself and only for yourself. May be you are on an ego trip. You cannot see your true self when you are trapped in a dark pit of ego.

You are driven by your whims and caprices. You drown in an ocean of feigned norms and customs. It becomes a part of you. You like to boast because it inflates your ego. At times, you are immersed in a world of self-centered suppositions and exhaust yourself by rewinding the same tape in your mind. The time is not far when you’ll be torn by your own conflicts. Ego corrupts your soul. Then you are no more yourself. You’ve become the slave of your ego.

To make any relationship work, all you need to do is to take the ego out of your relationship.  Relationship works when you admit your failings and accept each other with your differences. When you’re alive, you take relationships for granted. You have to dismiss your ego. You normally pretend to be someone you’re not. Aware of the fact that you’re wrong but your ego just don’t let you to admit your mistakes. You’re trapped in your self-created bubble of suppositions and think that you’re right in every matter and don’t ask for opinion.

Mutual cooperation paves the way for healthier atmosphere as it lubricates the wheel of life, because marriage or any relationship hinges on the foundation of trust and care. There is a binding force to strengthen your relationship. If you hold one end of that elastic thread and another the other, this thread just stretches for a certain distance. However, it may tear apart if stretches beyond a distance.  Patience is a virtue, so would go a long way toward a better life.

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1 thought on “Ego”

  1. It is very beautifully written. I don’t understand that people have so much ego and hatred inside them but they are alive nowadays when the Covid situation is running. There are times when they don’t want to get out of there. I think there is so much nonsense that we are left behind in many of our beautiful relationships. I do not think that we should have ego and hatred in our hearts. May Allah have mercy on us all… Ameen

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