In memory of those who lost their lives in the plane crash

“Amma, I’m coming home.”

He fastened his seatbelt as the plane taxied along the runway.  He looked outside the plane window, everything so serene and peaceful. The air outside was still and warm after a stretch of pleasant weather. The pilot’s announcement seemed to have a soothing effect on him. He was excited to meet his family, waiting for him on Eid. What a euphoric feeling he had! He felt how lucky he was for he survived Corona. His colleague at office was hospitalized and now hooked up to ventilator. He felt thankful to Allah and his mother’s prayers.

Another passenger in the plane told him that his marriage has been postponed due to Corona.  They would have simple nikkah ceremony at home after Eid. Both of them exchanged numbers and found it odd that their numbers ended in two-zero-two-zero.

“After iftar,” he texted his fiancée. That passenger had an expression of happiness in his eyes.

He adjusted his face mask and took a short nap. After half an hour, someone nudged him from the back.

“Sir, Karachi is five minutes away.”

He straightened himself, pulled up the window shutters and looked outside. The sun was blazing fiercely. He felt a surge of happiness for he was home after a long time.

Suddenly, there was commotion inside the plane. Someone shouted, “Oh! Allah! Mercy, mercy.” Fear hung in the air. For a moment, he couldn’t get what was happening. He just closed his eyes and remembered his family, waiting for him at the airport.

The plane crashed.

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