Drinks in Distress

“Hello! Are you there?” He frothed in the glass. “Can you hear me?”

Ripples in the drinks sat on the mahogany table.

“Great. Welcome to the secret society of drinks. My name is Lemonade and we will discuss our sufferings at the hands of humans.”

A large wave splashed in the orange drink.

“Yes, do you like to share something?”

“Hello, I’m Ori. You probably know me as a “Tang”, “Fresh orange juice” or “Orangey colored branded juices.”

Droplets of condensation quivered on the glasses.

“Well, I just want to say how kids at home torture my soul. They gulp half of me down their itchy throats and then spill it down the drain. They gargle with me and then spit me. One of my kin told me how badly injured he was. Those grumpy kids splashed in the pool party, flinging juice balls at one another.

“Thank you for sharing that excruciating experience, Ori.”  Lemonade addressed them. “Anyone else?”

“You, red color in mint crown. What’s your take?”

“Umm, Hmm,”

He waited for her response. “What’s your name?”

She said nothing.

“Your name, please!”

“Why cannot you guess my name?” All drinks splashed vigorously.

“I’m rosy,” she snorted a little.

“There is a girl who lives down the next lane. Last Ramadan, she did not have a chance to torture me. She never helped in household chores due to her college engagements. But this Ramadan, she just lands in the kitchen by 4 0’clock. She pours me in a glass, adds lemon juice and sometimes those slippery seeds. What’s name… Yeah… chia seeds. And that creamy liquid, milk, which just fades my beauty and prepares milk drink to quench her thirst. And can you imagine, she drinks three glasses at a time. Her gassy stomach. Ah! It’s better to suicide than to kill myself inside her bloating belly.”

“Thank you all for sharing your experiences. See you at the next meeting.”

“And what’s about your encounter?” Ori plops.

“I don’t have much to say. But my friend, lemon, experiences a lot of pain.”

“There lives a man next door, his behemoth frame always makes me shudder. His fleshy fingers just grabs my friend from the fridge when he is taking a nap with his buddies. But he has insatiable thirst for lemon drinks. He first rolls him on the kitchen counter by exerting the pressure of his fingers and then squeezes out even the last drop of his yellow blood. Those hands. You cannot imagine how severe backache he’s got during this month. He sometimes makes lemonade, mint margarita and other lemony drinks to quench his thirst.”

And then came a loud gulp. All drinks down the throat!

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