Independence Diaries

A bullet whizzed past her ear and pierced the baby’s skull, sleeping on the shoulder of a woman, striding before her. An uproar of wailing and sobbing ensued. With a sudden jerk, she settled her grandson on the opposite hip and hid him inside her only chaddar she wrapped around before leaving for Pakistan. Wells were poisoned, kids were butchered, trains set on fire, and pregnant women were scythed down. Caravans were looted, slaughtered and raked with bullets. She glanced around at the tattered refugees sadly.

Independence Diaries. A bullet whizzed past her ear

A few feet away, it was a land beckoning her to her new home. She laid the baby on the corner of her chaddar and bowed down on the ground. Tears of gratitude made rivulets down her face. She knew she would live and breathe freely in her new homeland

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