Noble Recorders

Can we listen to those words which have left the mouth of their owners? Once they make their leave, they are gone in the atmosphere around us. Around us very close to us, but we can’t listen it again. What will happen if we’re able to listen to those voices? Would we be ashamed of what we’ve done by backbiting or simply gossiping? I think, these habits are so well entrenched among us that we will mull over it for a day or two, then we’ll forget. What if others listen what we’ve said about them?

Though we cannot listen to comments, there are noble recorders around us, very close to us, resting on our shoulders day and night to record whatever we have uttered in our life. They’ve been appointed by Him to record each and every word. Do we ever ponder what we say is recorded by kiraman katibin (angels)?

noble recorders record whatever we have uttered

However, we can make an effort to do better and think twice what we utter next time. Just for an experiment, record your vicious views for a minute or two and then listen it. May be, next time, we’d be careful in passing our judgments on others.

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