Tick-Tock and Life

Life moves forward with each tick and seems to pass by like a gust of wind.

The fan is slowly whirring above me and its buzzing sound in this spell of night is synchronized with some uncanny noise from the outside, most probably from the neighborhood. I lunge toward the dimmer to adjust its speed for it ruffles my hair and makes me quiver. Outside my bedroom window, a trio of kittens are snuggled against their mom. Their intermittent meows force me to draw my curtains but I don’t want to disturb their family time. I gaze at the clock and contemplate for a moment that the minute hand moves forward with each tick and there is no return to the previous minute, or even the last second. So is the life which moves forward with each tick and seems to pass by like a gust of wind.

life moves forward with each tick

Sitting in front of the coffee table with a half-eaten bag of LAYS on it, I feel I’ve experienced the same situation before and reminisced that time. Our past leaves memories engraved on our souls. We can relive those days but cannot go back to past times. Just ponder, reflect and move forward because inertia leads to death of our mind and our inner energies.

May we all value each and every miniscule moment of our life for what has gone is gone, what’s happening is real and nobody knows what’ll happen in future.

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1 thought on “Tick-Tock and Life”

  1. True, we do spoil our present with a thought of some unkind past experience or thinking about the unknown future. Somehow we have stopped enjoying present.❤️Thank you for the article, beautiful

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