A New World of Masked Humans

A swarm of ninjas was flooding the mall. I paused for a second and pinched myself to make myself believe that I was really standing in the midst of masked humans.

Oh, the whole purpose of dolling up was somewhere lost in this new situation. The faces which were once painted in layers of makeup, now veiled behind the masks, whether medical or fashion. However, the eager ones have enhanced their eyes with liner and mascara, flaunting their makeup skills.

 I took a stroll to quench my thirst for the unrelenting desire of window shopping. A large majority of shoppers were wearing masks but some were finding it difficult to constantly wear it and at times, lowered their masks for a breath of air but they were reminded again and again to cover their faces if the mask slipped down. Communicating with a person through the mask also seems a difficult task.

I felt like being on a set of some sci-fi movie where masked specie was strolling about and their suppressed giggles were filtering through the hallways. A number of groups were standing closely together, and ‘the social distancing’ was maintained by their protective face gears. Fashion mask as a new fashion accessory is also introduced by major brands and that complement your outfits.

The prevailing situation has made most of the people vulnerable to petty worries so they want a little break from the humdrum life. In doing so, they often dress themselves in a flamboyant manner and that seems a bit off to others. On the contrary, there is another class, the lazy souls, and they have found it quite easy to wear mask and go for shopping, as there’d be no hassle to get ready which earlier was a bit difficult for them.

Covid-19 has transformed our lives in ways that would have been unpredictable just a year ago. The ways of social gatherings have been altered, brick-and-mortar shopping has been affected and finally masks would be our accessory for a long time to come.

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