A grain of goodness

Dramas play a pivotal role in shaping minds of the people of society. Young generation is more vulnerable to their effects. I still remember how old dramas of PTV used to inculcate moral and social values, and those lessons still reverberate in my mind.

Plays normally portray Namaz (Salah) as a sign of piety and older people are often seen offering prayers but this is seldom shown by younger people.

Nowadays, Tana Bana is being aired on Hum TV. The plot revolves around a young couple (Zoya and Zain), and offers romance, comedy, emotional conflicts and familial grievances. At times, audience do get annoyed by an indifferent attitude of Zoya toward Zain. But the most beautiful thing shown is the offering of Fajr Salah by Zain (Danyal Zafar). Namaz was one of the terms written in a contract and he signed it blindly before wedding. It’s indeed a soulful moment to watch a young couple offering prayer the next day of their marriage.

One can learn goodness, however small, from any medium and assimilate in life and thoughts.

Happy Ramadan 2021.

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