Chupke Chupke

“Ghar aurton ko basana parta hai.”

“Shadi aurton se zada mardon ka imtihan hai. Unhain balance karna hota hay saray rishton ko….,” Meenu (Ayeza Khan) replied.

The above point was raised in the play, Chupke Chupke on Hum TV, where she incorporated the role of men in balancing relations at home.

In our society, the marital relationship is often worsened due to the weak handling of situation by a man. He cannot take a stand on what is right and what is wrong.  However, we cannot rule out arrogance of female in such circumstances and, at times, male’s position is compromised and it becomes increasingly difficult to save the marriage.

Chupke Chupke Hum TV

This also underscores the point that it’s the man who’s regarded as the main breadwinner of the family because he is the one who has to maintain a balance between relations. A girl who is new to all these relations {in-laws), she has just started a new chapter of life and her relationship is nothing but a contract between her and her husband, which will later on develop into an everlasting bond of love, care and affection. She also needs time to assimilate into a new way of life but the main responsibility lies on the man. She is just like a sapling, which is uprooted and replanted, and her roots will take time to acclimatize to a new environment. However, if she is not cooperative then no one can drive the cart of marriage or in worse case to drag it to make it work.

The real beauty of universe lies in accepting our differences and, at times, we’ve to remain patient and let things play out.

May Allah gives hidayat and enough wisdom to cope with the upheavals in life, and bless every daughter with happiness and joy.


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