The Run-of-the-Mill Familial Plays

Why do we keep regurgitating the same stories on domestic strife? Why don’t we think something innovative for our projects? These thoughts often come into our minds while trawling through the channels.

Our entertainment industry is somewhat stuck in the quagmire of monotony. More contentious issues, more ratings and drama breaks the record. The women-centric stories garner more ratings and viewership. Whatever channel you switch to, the run-of-the-mill familial plays are screening on various stations. Most of the women lapped up these plays on TV and YouTube.

People have already switched to Netflix, as they prefer watching something different rather than watching the same boring stuff on channels. Few writers have gained hegemony over others, so little chance is left for the new writers. Audiences need a break from monotonous scripts and inquisitive, educated minds need fresh ideas and fresh content to feast their eyes on.

A few years back, a competitive cooking show was aired on Urdu 1 and a lot of emerging home cooks were given a chance to flaunt their cooking skills. However, it was the first and also the last season of that show.

Diversification is the lifeblood of society. Creative minds are vulnerable to nuances of society. Writers draw inspiration from their surroundings. They give words to their thoughts that turn into stories and novels, and, at times, dramatized for audiences. Actually, what happens around you affects you. You become attuned to the advancement in that particular field and creative juices flow naturally in that direction.

A dearth of sci-fi or detective programs on channels attributes to lack of interest in investing in these projects. The young blood can write detective, sci-fi and thrilling scripts, but don’t have access to production houses for their stories to be heard, read, or dramatized. Therefore, they get demotivated and prefer submitting their stories to international forums and so ultimately this inauspicious environment leads to drain creativity from our society.

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