The sense of smell: A trip down memory lane

The sense of smell triggers memories and makes us take a trip down memory lane. When we enter any shopping mall, restaurant or a new place, we at times do sniff and are offended by the mixture of odors prevailing there. However, we’d like to visit an agreeable scented area more often.

When we travel, walk through the place or take a stroll down the street, we catch scents, and sometimes later, a familiar smell triggers a rush of memories, almost forgotten. The childhood period is strongly linked with aromas associated with different places and we create preferences for smells for the rest of our life. Sometimes now, I catch a whiff of the particular smell of my childhood. The memories linked with smell, which I think are lost, memories of my granny’s kitchen, make me nostalgic.

The sense of smell triggers memories and makes us take a trip down memory lane.

 The sense of smell allows us to appreciate the subtleties of food flavor and we normally take this blessing for granted. But when my sense of smell was gone, I started smelling strong colognes to make myself believe that it was nothing more than a nasal blockage. However, it really took a hiatus for a few days and I spent my days without smelling the aromas wafting from the kitchen. To me, there is no taste without smell. The appetizing smell increases hunger and craving and we often taste things when delightful aroma strikes our senses.

This made me realize the blessings of Allah more profoundly. How significant is our sense of smell! May we remember blessings bestowed upon us and whenever we get stuck in the quagmire of despondency, we just pause for a moment, look around ourselves, and start counting innumerable blessings which we’re enjoying daily. He has created everything with a purpose, not a single thing is insignificant. The Quran says: “Verily, all things have We created in proportion and measure.” (54:49)

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