Dedicate to males…

Though the Ramadan is over, but the feeling of fasting is still there. This feeling will be over in a day or two. Then again, we’ll be back to our daily life routines.

This Eid, people still arrange gatherings at their place, but not so vigorously as in the previous years. Yet, the more cautious tried to maintain a slogan of “social distancing” by putting on face masks. It feels like being surrounded by doctors, wearing their protective gears, strolling in the hospital corridors.

At homes, a few males have taken control of the kitchen, flaunting their cooking skills by preparing “Desi Dishes” like Mutton Korma, Mutton Karahi, Kunna, Nihari, Haleem and so on. A few just bypass the kitchen in order to stay away from the realm of cooking. Few help in table arrangement and even wash utensils due to Corona effects, resulting in shortage of servants. But a majority is busy watching Netflix and actively making their presence on the social media. The youngsters are busy playing Call of Duty: Warzone to spend quality time at home. Another sensation “Ludo Star 2” has also got a strong hold on a large number of males.

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