Train and sweat man

In memory of those who lost their lives in the train crash (2021)

The radio was humming softly and hot wind of June was slapping at his face through the open window. Outside, the train was running through green fields. Time and gain he sipped iced water from the orange cooler that his father bought last year from Quetta. A polyester bag full of gifts for his family sat next to him.

Though he took a bath in the morning but his shirt was drenched with sweat.  The mixed smells of strong cologne and sweat made him feel dizzy. He was more of a sweat man than a post man. He thought he would work overtime to buy ticket of AC parlor on the next visit.

His parents were anxiously waiting for him for he was away from home for a year. An old man was sitting opposite him in the train. His wrinkled hands made him nostalgic about his parents and tears welled up in his eyes. That man looked at him, nodded and then smiled slightly. He also nodded and smiled back.

Looking out the window, he caught sight of a man on his bicycle, and this made him unearth the part of him, left in the city, not with him, waiting for his return. He closed his eyes and was about to sleep when he heard a loud bang.

The train derailed onto the opposite track and another train collided into the first one.

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