A plea to humans!


You’re cool inside your cool houses. Whether you sit in air-conditioned rooms or enjoy the cool air from coolers, you can’t imagine our plight. Whenever you step outside in this scorching heat, you start panting and your anger soars. And if suddenly your car AC starts blowing hot air, you become maniac at the honking horns and get agitated at the slightest provocation.

Just for a moment, take a deep breath and consider our situation in this weather.

You’re coo inside your cool houses.

We’re at your mercy so keep water for your perennial furry friends-stray cats. We also get dehydrated in this sweltering weather.

Though we’ve developed animosity toward that chirpy creature since the inception of universe but do keep water for them in the earthen ware on your rooftops or any other place where you think they’d like to perch because we’d like to eat a hydrated prey, a juicy one. (Just Joking)

And a secret about those uniformed creatures at the traffic signal, they do, at times, help our kittens cross the road and save them from being crushed by the cars zooming by. So don’t forget to keep bottle of cold water for our friends at the traffic signals. Just look at their thick uniform which you can never think of wearing in this heat.

So, it’s a humble request to save our souls for the sake of your soul.

Because We (Your Furry Friends) help plummet down population of rodents in your area.

They (Your Chirpy Friends) give you melodious chirping all day.

They (Your Safety Friends), in a summer season, stand weathering the storms (be it noise storm or dust storm), and keep you safe.

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