Recently, I’ve seen a lot of posts about lost pets, especially cats and dogs and wondered, “Why was this happening?”

Penchant of people for pedigree animals.

One reason for this seems to be an increasing penchant of people for pedigree animals and thus the increasing number of pets being stolen. I’ve also encountered an incident where one of the servants of a nearby shop threatened the dwellers to steal their cat if they didn’t let him take it. I was just astonished at the effrontery of that little boy. It made me ponder that most of the times these people (Drivers, gardeners (malis), guards and other servants who deliver meat and vegetables at your doorstep) are around you, very close to you and you remain ignorant.  They are the most observant ones and are more likely to steal your pet and sell them for some money. Tears welled in my eyes when I came across pictures of cats and dogs being chained up by those heartless monsters.

At times, tom cats roam outside in search of females and get into fight with other male cats and then stray far away from home. But, it’s another possibility of pets being lost.

So be careful and take care of your pets.


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